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How long will it take you to set up a team or find just one developer for my project? arrow
Whom do we sign the contract with and pay for the work? arrow
Where are your software development teams located at? arrow
How much should I budget to hire a developer with D-Factor’s assist? arrow
Who will manage the hired team or developers? arrow
Can hired developers work from our company offices? arrow
How do you reduce the risks of working with remote teams? arrow
How do you verify the seniority level and skills of the developers you offer? arrow
How different is this from the traditional IT outsourcing? arrow
I’m in a different time zone. How do we manage working together when you base in Eastern Europe? arrow
What methodologies do you use in your development process and which one will be selected for my project? arrow
How can we ensure that our company's data is kept confidential? arrow
What happens if I don’t like the work of the selected team? arrow

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